Social Indicators of Pakistan 2016

A robust social sector - situating the state of education, health, income and employment from the perspective of universal access, adequacy, service delivery and efficiency – is sine qua non to usher in an equitable, holistic and sustainable process of economic development. Further, the globalization and, by the same token, universalization of democratic ethos have progressively been bringing the development of social sector into sharp focus from the stand point of the efficiency of resource allocation. Thus, the investment in human resources is being increasingly recognized as the foremost imperative to instituting good governance and participative process of socio-economic development with distributive justice. “Social Indicators of Pakistan” is an attempt to put a figure on the socio-economic configuration of the country on the basis of secondary data, in order to help evaluate, and brace up for, the unfolding scenario from an eclectic perspective. Notwithstanding some para analytical work, the document is essentially empirical in the content and the task of sounding the underlying realties out is left to savvy users of data and statistics

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Author Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
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