Brain Drain

The data is for the research question, what are the major contributors towards brain drain in Pakistan? Pakistan has been facing increasing numbers of immigration but the outflow of educated and skilled people has happened at faster rate than normal over past few years. We wanted to look into factors which were the underlying reasons for this trend. Factors that we believe strongly effect brain drain Pakistan are as following: 1. GDP per Capita as representative of living standards 2. Social factors in Pakistan; corruption, political instability and governmental regulations 3. Enrollment in institutions showing the trend in education 4. Remittance for specific countries

Definitions Brain drain: the outflow of educated and skilled people of a country Highly qualified: Professionals of all fields for example; corporate managers, health professionals, science and technology professionals, research and business professionals. Highly Skilled: Proficient in their field mostly at managerial level, usually associate professional occupations Skilled: those who are at clerical occupations, secretarial occupations, personal service occupations

Sources used: 1. Economic surveys from 2000-2019 2. 3. 4. 5.

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