Divine Order laid down in the Holy Quran being supreme and perpetual has remained practicable in all the eras of human history and will remain so for all times to come. According to the Holy Quran the forces of evil will dip operating parallel with the good but they would never dominate the later which will come out victorious ultimately. Police crime fighters as they are always rise to the occasion whenever there is injustice or peace and order of the society is disturbed. Struggle of Police for triumph of good knows no bounds, which is illustrated in glorious martyrdom of innumerable police officers for preservation of peace and order in the society. District Narowal enjoys special Honour and distinction in this regard as its top policeman, DPO, Tayyab Saeed Shaheed, exhibited unprecedented courage in taking the bull of desperadoes by horns and laid down his life fighting out crime. His martyrdom has left indelible mark on the policing history of the district.

Narowal was generally a low crime area. Ordinary theft or petty fighting was the main crimes of the area. But the last decade or so have seen an unprecedented growth in crimes of almost all categories. Poverty, unemployment, economic disparities and skewed distribution of recourses are the chief factors behind this crime increase. Geographical proximity with crimeinfested districts of Sialkot, Gujranwala and Sheikhpura is yet another factor promoting crime. Alongwith number, the pattern of crime has also undergoing transformation i.e, from purely rural to somewhat urbanized one. The changing patterns in crime and overall shift in the structure of the society has added new dimensions to policing as well. Now the policing means much more than simple crime fighting. Increasing public awareness and growth of media has forced the Police to devise new ways and means to cope with new trends in public response to crime. In this context the role of Police has transformed from simple theft catchers to mediators, facilitators, and opinion makers, which is reflected in its annual policing plans as well.

The undersigned assumed the charge as District Police officer Narowal on 29.10.2018. Soon after the assumption of the charge particular attention was focused on the arrest of hardened criminals. Revolutionary steps have been taken to improve the I.T based policing. I.T & Rescue 15 has been much improved. Police Khidmat Centre has been inaugurated this district to provide speedy services to the citizens

In this respect it is hearting to point out that the District Police have achieved unprecedented success to nab almost all the major masterminds of the criminal gangs.

Although no particular area or the district may be categorized as crime infested areas yet, some parts of P.S Saddar Narowal, P.S Zafarwal and P.S Saddar Shakargarh may be categorized as particularly crime prone. Certain deterrent measures have been adopted to frustrate the vicious designs of the criminals. In this respect patrolling in the urban areas and “Thikri Pehra” in the rural areas have been further intensified in order to thwart the onslaught of the criminals. Round the clock U.C squad remained in action to curb the crime. All out efforts are underway to provide prompt justice to the aggrieved persons and to maintain Law & Order in the district.

The targets and priorities of the district Police particularly in rapid response, community policing, morale boosting, accountability, busting of gangs and fight against terrorism were achieved during the previous year 2018. The same spirit to combat lawlessness will continue in the year 2019 and supremacy of Law will be maintained at every cost. I pray to the Almighty Allah to bless the District Police with more zeal and zest so that they may deal with criminals, terrorists and evil forces of the society with our devotion and dedication.

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