The dataset includes 2.743 million tax filers of Pakistan who paid their income tax returns for the year 2018. Granular data includes name of the taxpayer, Tax registration number of the individual, amount of tax paid in 2018. Including their geographical and demographic information; province, division, district, and Gender of the individual. In 2018, there were 2.7 million registered tax filers in Pakistan that include both non-Salaried Individuals and Salaried Individuals. Among these individuals, 1.774 million individuals paid tax that adds up to 312.46 billion rupees. This means almost 65% of the individuals have paid tax for the given Year. It is been estimated on the average per individual contributed Rs. 176.14K for yearly tax returns.

Among the 2.72 million tax filers 2.27 million approximately 83% of the individuals were male and 0.45 million (17% of the individuals) were females. 1.48 million male and 0.29 million female individuals paid tax for the year 2018. Total Tax paid by the male segment of the population was 282.19 billion and 30.27 billion was paid by females. This means 90% of the tax was paid by the males and only 10% of the tax was paid by the female population. On average per male person contributed Rs. 190.50K in annual tax returns and on the average per female contributed Rs. 103.42K.

Data also reveals that nearly 90% of the total fax filers in Pakistan are from Sindh and Punjab and they contribute to 80% of the total tax collected. Alternatively, while tax filers in Islamabad make up 5% of the total tax filers, they contribute to 15% of the tax collected. Another noteworthy point is that, while tax filers in Punjab make up the highest proportion (59%) of total tax filers in Pakistan, they pay 35% of the tax which is around 10% less than the proportion of tax paid by Sindh (45%).

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