PRECON Pakistan Residential Electricity Consumption Dataset

PRECON is a first of its kind extensive dataset of electricity consumption patterns of users in developing countries. The dataset has been collected through smart meters over a period of one year and comprise of data of users belonging to different demographics and different social and financial backgrounds. It provides details of electricity consumption data and meta-data of houses opted for data collection. Also, we have provided details on high electricity consumption devices and the load profile of the whole house. The aim of this data collection and processing exercise is to understand the electricity consumption patterns of users in the developing world. A sound realization of consumption patterns can help in the development of intelligent smart grids and better demand-side management tools.

PRECON is unique from the datasets of its kind because it is only extensive dataset collected over a period of one year which is publically available. Other than that it is different in terms that it monitors a greater number of households than any other similar dataset of developing countries.

COMMONLY USED ABBREVIATIONS The data of every volunteer contains various columns which refer to different appliances that volunteers have. The names of the columns are the abbreviations for a particular appliance and the abbreviations for different appliances are given in the table below.

Full Name Abbreviation Refrigerator and Washing Machine Ref_WM_kW AC and UPS AC_UPS_kW AC and Refrigerator AC_Ref_kW AC in Guest Room AC_GR_kW AC in Study Room AC_SR_kW AC in Master Bed Room AC_MBR_kW AC in Bed Room AC_BR_kW AC in Drawing Room AC_DR_kW AC in Dining Room AC_Dr_kW AC in Lounge Room AC_LR_kW Study Room SR_kW Kitchen Kitchen_kW Bed Room BR_kW Lounge Room LR_kW Laundary Laundary_kW Servant Room Servant_kW UPS UPS_kW Water Dispenser WD_kW Water Pump WP_kW Refrigerator Refrigerator_kW Freezer Freezer_kW Freezer and Water Dispenser Freezer_WD_kW Load without UPS Non_UPS_load AC AC_kW Window AC W_AC_kW Microwave Oven MV_kW Iron Iron_kW

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Field Value
Author Energy Informatics Group, LUMS
Maintainer Ahmad Nadeem
Last Updated April 2, 2021, 00:00 (UTC)
Created December 18, 2019, 08:02 (UTC)
Publisher NCBC
Data Type non-geospatial
Data Source Primary Research
Organization Type Educational institution
Category Environment & Energy

Lahore, Punjab