Pakistan Drone Attacks, 2004-2017

Dataset: The dataset contains detailed information of 406 drone attacks in Pakistan.

Variables: The dataset contains Serial No, Incident Day & Date, Approximate Time of the attack, Specific Location, City, Province, Number of people killed who claimed to be from Al-Qaeeda, Number of people killed who claimed to be from Taliban, minimum and maximum count of foreigners killed, minimum and maximum count of civilians killed, minimum and maximum count of civilians injured, special mention (more details) and comments about the attack, longitude and latitude of the location. Sources: Unclassified media articles, hospital reports, think tank analysis and reports, and government official press releases.

Interpretation was focused on total number of people killed and injured in drone attacks in major cities and provinces. The total number of attacks occurred on the type of location were analyzed. The number of people killed were further analyzed in different categories as per occupation e.g. government officials, army, civilians. The overall findings indicated the cities and areas most affected by terrorism in the last 13 years.

Unit of analysis: Attack

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