Land Degradation in Pakistan

This layer contains information about the land degradation phenomenon observed during the Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) run in Pakistan in 2017. Data source: ESA (300m resolution) 1992-2015, FAO (lithology), WorldClim (rainfall incidence), land cover (NASA MODIS) and slope length (NASA SRTM digital elevation model). The key indicators used for the analysis were the average ecological change and the percentage of surface prone to erosion.

It should be noted that land degradation, according to the current ICA methodology, is not a stand-alone map but has to be considered as a lens that, overlaid on top of the ICA Areas, provide further information to refine broad programmatic strategies. The brown-green scheme has just been used for the layer preview because, for the purposes of this analysis, only negative values of ecological change and districts with a surface prone to erosion above 20% have been used for the final map (see "ICA Pakistan, 2017 - Land Degradation 1992-2015" static map for further details).

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