Chakwal Police is facing unprecedented challenges of great severity and magnitude. The major issues being confronted by the District Police Chakwal are combating terrorism, fighting ever more desperate and better equipped criminals and trying to meet the rising expectations of the public. These issues affect the administrative and operational priorities and strategic objects of the police. The Annual Policing Plan 2018-19 circumscribe all these thematic conceptions and makes recommendations based on our social, cultural and capacity of the Police force.

To reinforce our pledge for a balanced force, we have introduced modern concepts of policing as part of the curricula short courses at Police lines in the shape of training strategy. We intend to change the mind set and abysmal state of police cultural at police station level by issuing police guideline like Free Registration cases, Code of Conduct, Guideline of Police Public Relations, Strategy of Kidnapping for Ransom, Strategy to fight Street Crime, Police Commission of Police Encounters to check their veracity and genuineness. Our key performance indicators are based on innovative tools of control encompassing every area of policing. Our major concern is to prevent, restrict and retard the tide of rising crime, abuse of human rights and terrorism.

Chakwal Police is committed to be changed into a thoroughly professional, accountable and service oriented department delivering dynamic and effective law enforcement. We promise to continue the struggle to clean our District, of the criminals and terrorist who pose a great threat to the life and property of the general public. We also remember the sacrifices of our Police Officers who offered their lives in order to stem the heinous crime which has blighted our beloved country. In this back drop, we have endeavored to prepare Annual Policing Plan 2018-19, to reset, revise and review our goals, objectives and targets to meet the challenges of the future.

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